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About us

Hi, my name is Buk and I would like to tell you a very special story…mine!

Several years ago I moved into my human grandmother’s house with my Human Mom, and four-legged sister Dora, to help care for and share in granny’s golden years. My days of bliss were spent tormenting Dora and agitating grandmother whilst I anxiously awaited the weekend to rollick with my best friend Bart. They were the best of times.

Those times turned drastically, when on December 5, 2015, I mysteriously fractured four vertebrae. My days of play came to an alarming halt. Mobility nil, understanding why non-existent. Our ensuing trip to the emergency room confirmed our fears. We braved two unnerving options; expensive back surgery or my untimely demise. A haunting peril none should face.

Though not easy, funds were raised and my operation a complete success. I live to play again. Unfortunately, not all stories end so well. Every year, thousands of otherwise healthy pets are put down simply because their owners were not as fortunate as mine. It was then we knew we had to act. The enormity of this tragedy was not acceptable.

Hence, The Buk Foundation. Born of need, developed through love, committed to serve! Our single, urgent goal: “Eliminate the needless destruction of a family pet simply because their owners cannot pay for the lifesaving treatment they so desperately need and deserve.” We know we will not be able to save them all, but we will not rest until we have given it our all!

Today I cherish every breath I take and weekends with Bart are all the more special. My days tormenting Dora and Grandmother have past as they have crossed Rainbow Bridge, I will see you again! Thank you Dora, grandmother and mom for making all of this possible. And a very special thanks to the determined professionals that made me whole again, I will not let you down!

The buk foundation board of Directors
Susan Lundstrom


Rick Madrigal

Director of Fundraising

Layne Lundstrom
Jodi Larrinaga

Response Coordinator/Event planner

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