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How does our approach address the need?
The Buk Foundation's approach is straight forward with very limited room for discrepancies. We work with Buk Approved pet care facilities in a one-on-one relationship. This partnership provides a fluid, cross-checked program that ensures our business model objectives are met, as well as guarantees our donor investments are being utilized in the most optimum of efficiencies.
Our collaboration is set in motion by Buk Approved Veterinarian Care facilities and their staff. Our case criteria is well defined, emergency life or death situations of an otherwise healthy pet only. We do NOT deal with long-term illness such as cancer, diabetes, or other life debilitating cases as there are other wonderful organizations that help families address those illnesses. Our focus is clear, on the emergency room table facing a life or death decision due to financial constraints. Period.

Emergency service required

Our Buk Approved pet care strategic partners screen potential cases thoroughly according to their financial assistance programs. Once they have quantified the pet owners inability to pay, and outside funding assistance is needed to save the pets life, their representative contacts the Buk Foundation according to our protocol and case requirements.

Initial diagnosis - Financial status

Our partnership with Buk Approved emergency pet care organizations provide a critical component to the business model of our foundation. Our Buk Approved partner’s provide us with financial information on prospective foundation cases, as well as the diagnosis, costs associated for emergency care and their Veterinarian’s professional evaluation on the validity of the care the service would provide. Unfiltered.

Buk Foundation Activation

The Buk Foundation distributes immediate response funding directly to our Buk Approved emergency care providers. We separate ourselves from other funding organizations in that we cover the complete costs of emergency care, in a fluid, spontaneous manner. Our due diligence has shown that no other pet care funding organization is structured as such. Though they serve a tremendous purpose, their process is time-consuming and fund distribution is capped, if available at all. In life saving emergency situations time is of the essence. We provide that time.


The Buk Foundation’s measure of value within our communities cannot be overstated.  We keep families whole. In our personal lives there is not many travesties worse than having to put a loved pet down, to most they are family members. Ever so true when that pet could sustain a long, healthy and happy life. Our involvement within our communities also brings awareness to pet care needs, provides vital information to the residence’s within those communities as well as a channel of good will towards our society, including our fury friends.

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